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Being that we make a living from our ability to remove predators and beaver from locations, using products that produce to the best of current man made means is of the utmost importance.

At Tactical Trapping Services we want to use products that are efficient with time, energy, and the ability to produce on a consistent basis. 

Everything we sell we have put sweat, miles, every kind of weather imaginable, and many hours into.  We want you to be successful, and we want to be the ones that aid in that success and joy that it brings.

Our line of Trapping Baits and products are designed to do just that.. Produce!! 




I want us to be able to offer some of the absolute best products on the market today. 


To do so, our concepts have been developed through a series of testing coyote and other target animals reactions to them.  We can easily catch coyotes or other animals on just about anything,"SOMETIMES".   Our lures and Trapping Baits are formulated and tested for success..


We want more than sometimes with our trapping baits when we go after our goals.  Our testing involves examining how much foot movement we get from the animal using video from black led trail cameras so we can study all the reactions.  If a certain scent only gets a quick - walk up and leave reaction time after time, chances are lower of making a catch.


However, when we get coyotes stepping all over the place time and time again, we know we are putting high success percentage formulas in our bottles. 


We believe from studying tons of footage that - Lures are great for getting animals to investigate, however, baits (that the animal actually likes) tend to keep them at the set longer.  This is why we have decided to make Trapping Baits the focus of our products now.  We do use lures all the time and have worked with Justin Rogers of Old South Lures to develop our lures, but trapping baits are what we focus on with our in house production. 


Tactical Trapping Services now offers a wider range of products and baits with different ingredients that act on the food sense of course, but also passion and curiosity ingredients.  We also offer products that attack the animals vision, giving him an odor and a focal point. 


No matter if you are coyote trapping, bobcat trapping, or raccoon trapping, we want to give you the tools you need to be successful.  Tactical Trapping Services is constantly studying new ways to stop your targeted animal and excite them enough to make you successful !  Our baits are a bit more pricey, however these are the baits and lures that I use to make my living so nothing is cut out for better profit margins.


Best of luck and thank you all so much for using our products! 



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